How Does it work?

Just create a press release about your organisation, anything from a new partnership/sponsorship agreement; a new product/website launch to promotion and new recruits; anything you can think of really. We will distribute your release to all major search engines as well as social media websites allowing you to reach more potential customers as well as journalists.

Create Your Press Release

  • Simplicity

    Creating your press release is a simple and intuitive process. Our system is built to guide you along the way, showing you what is required from your press release, with an easy to understand design. You can also find information about the length of your press release and on how your press release should be structured. Most importantly you can save the press release prior to publishing it and check out a draft which includes any SEO links and Images included in the release to look just the way it will look once published.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important tool when creating press releases. As this gives more authority to your website and links customers directly where you want them to be. To help you achieve your goal faster we have included a simple editor that enables you to insert links on your keywords without any problems. We also provide expertise to help you get your news in the right places and improve your Search Engine Results via optimized press releases.

  • Unique Branded URLs

    You can have your ownbranded URLs, first of all to push your brand and increase your reach; but also for Search Engine Optimization as this helps relate the artice to your company and the related topics. It is well known that Google and other search engines pay a lot of attention to the url as this gives a very good indication of what the web page is about.

Distribute Your News

  • Search Engines

    We take care of pushing all your submitted press releases to search engines, this is done via RSS feeds as well as sitemaps. Google and other major search engines crawl our website on a daily basis and index newly found pages. In addition to that we also provide a sitemap for Google News and ping similar services, thus your press release always has the opportunity to feature in any of the most sought after News Aggregation Services.

  • Social Media

    Engagement is an essential part of any modern day press release; with our Social Media services we take care of using the most popular platforms in the most effective way possible. Sharing your content is essential to create engagement, this is done via twitter and facebook at the time your press release is published to gather as much public interest as possible.

  • Local Journalists

    Your press released is delivered directly to all Journalists who are subscribed to our feeds both via RSS and Email. This not only helps news travel locally but also internationally over the whole web. Amongst subscribers we also have a number of bloggers who in turn publish articles of interest on their own blogs and websites. These are most likely to give you additional attention should your press release impress. We have different packages that will let you choose your target audience specifically by Industry or industries.

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